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Most people in business have heard of Escalator Manufacturer

Most people in business have heard of <url=>Escalator Manufacturer</url> . The fundamental idea being that you're in an elevator which includes a venture capitalist with just the 60 second elevator journey to convince him it's worth acquiring a longer meeting with you. Obviously, an elevator ride can be a short one. Guides for elevator speeches that say that you have 60 seconds or so surely over estimate how much time it takes for an elevator to go from floor to floor. The analogy continues to be worth keeping however.

Elevator pitches are supposed to get the conversation started. Entrepreneurs don't close deals just after a 60-second pitch with a VC. Investors naturally are trying to find great entrepreneurs and so are therefore more likely enthusiastic about hearing the pitch as long as they think they're talking with a credible person. Present a definite and concise insight into your business which will turn those 30-40 seconds into a meeting. Elevator pitches that don't immediately communicate the "what's in it for me and why this is important?" portion of the message simply fail.

Also, keep in mind that preparation is crucial, since you have only one minute to deliver your pitch. Don't memorize your statement, because then it may well sound fake and rehearsed, but definitely consider what you should say before approaching the executive. Additionally it is important to remember it isn't only what you say that matters. 60-80% of communication doesn't come from what you say but tone and body language.

When selling yourself your appearance matters as much as what you say. If you were a venture capitalist would you be more likely to invest in the smart guy in a suit or the scruffy one in a sports top and jeans? Venture capitalists are busy people and have to make very fast judgements of people so make sure you make it easy for them to make the right judgement!

Getting your <url=>Goods Elevator</url> pitch correct can be one of the most important things you do in business. There are a lot of great elevator pitch examples for you to check out.
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