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The stone production line is playing an important role

The stone production line is playing an important role in many industries, no exception for the best stone crusher plant. Due to various kinds of machines, what should we do in order to minimize the breakdowns of the stone production line? After the research of our technicians, we find that the common problems that influence the crusher are

Unusual vibration may occur in the working process of sand maker. The causing reasons are that the driving bearing is seriously abraded, the catching of toothed wheels is not complete and the foot margin connection bolt is loose. The solution to the problem is to adjust the gap of the wheel gear, timely change the abraded part, re-fasten the bolt in order to ensure the stability of the clay soil hammer mill in the working process.The materials slurry will leak from the connection part of the cylinder and the top cover of the sand maker machine. The reasons are the bolt of the machine is loose, the pin is too long and the sealing gasket of the equipment is seriously abraded. The solution to the problem is to fasten the loose part and change new sealing gasket.

The power supply for the mica powder making machine is not stable, and the reasons are the lubricity of the main bearing is weak, the materials feeding machine is loose, the density of the discharged materials is too high, the lining board is serious damaged or there is fault in the motor. The solution to this problem is to timely add lubricant to the rotary bearing, adjust or change the abraded device and examine and check the circuit of the motor.

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