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Fashion RM 52-01 SKULL TOURBILLON watch at


Case Size: 42.70 mm x 50.00 mm x 15.95 mm

Case: ceramic and carbon

Strap: Rubber

Movement: manual winding

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To preserve the crispness of the dial decoration (which really is superb), Piaget has etched their logo into the underside of the sapphire crystal. I always profess to dislike this habit, but on the previous two watches I've seen to feature it, it not only looks okay, is quite essential to the execution of the underlying dial. In this instance, the floating Piaget evokes thoughts of a star hanging in the sky. This celestial sense is repeated by the left-hand case flank, which depicts the two "wise men" travelling through the desert to the city of lights.

The leather strap with a fold-over clasp was, I think, a good choice for this watch. A bracelet would have had to continue the enamel inlays to match, and that might have been a bit much, in my opinion. All in all, the Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif Enamel watch is an excellently fashioned piece, with some real flashes of class. I love the dial, adore the case flanks, enjoy the playful "P" on the exquisite tourbillon cage, and agree with the leather strap; I find the minute hand too large and unwieldy, the closed case back unforgivable, and the floating Piaget logo just about tolerable. No doubt this watch will wind up in a safe somewhere, as it is undeniably valuable to a collector. The Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif Enamel watch is a piece unique and hence the price is available only upon request.

replica hublot watches Last night, here in Baden-Baden, Germany, Harry Winston held a rather interesting event to launch the highly anticipated Harry Winston Opus 14 watch (debuted here - where you'll find most of the technical details). As a follow-up to the aBlogtoWatch debut of the Opus 14, I'd now like to go hands-on with the Harry Winston Opus 14 as well as talk a bit about the launch and what it means for Harry Winston in general. I also recommend listening to Foreigner's song "Jukebox Hero" while reading this article - which is embedded below.

Harry Winston is the Swatch Group's latest acquisition, and the Hayek family (that runs the group) has been deeply involved in almost every move the brand has made since it became part of the group. Very little was known about what would become of the formerly American company under its new ownership, and many people guessed that the Swatch Group would transform Harry Winston into the high-end women's jewelry watch maker that it always wanted. Of course, Harry Winston already had a fine stable of diamond-decorated women's watches, but they also had a number of interesting as well as ultra-exotic men's watches.

richard mille cheapest watches The shining beacon of what is possible in the Harry Winston watch department has always been the Opus collection. Started by Max Busser in 2001 when he was running the watch business at Harry Winston, the Opus timepieces were meant to be the ultimate collaboration project between big brand and independent watchmaker.For 13 years, a new Harry Winston Opus watch was debuted on an annual basis. Harry Winston also had a dodgy reputation when it came to actually delivering these masterpieces. A prime example is the Opus 3, done in collaboration with Vianney Halter which was not delivered for about eight years after its launch. Delays when it came to the delivery of new Opus watches almost became a meme in the watch industry. The Opus 13, for example, still has not been delivered because, according to Harry Winston, the ultra-complicated movement is still not ready. The unique movements and exclusivity of the Opus watches pretty much make sure that the design, development, and production of the watch is always a challenge.

So when the Swatch Group inherited the Opus responsibility along with the purchase of Harry Winston, there was wide speculation that the Opus collection would be retired. Not only was the Opus range a headache, but the nature of the Harry Winston Opus concept as a collaboration project went against the predominant policy of the Swatch Group to promote brands versus people. Only brand CEOs and the Hayek family are allowed to speak on behalf on brands, and only the Hayek family speaks on behalf of the Swatch Group itself. So to produce a timepiece that promotes a specific watchmaker or other brand goes against what people have come to understand is the policy at the Swatch Group.

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