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Analysis of influencing factors on price structure of crusher equipment

Over past year, the engineering mechanical industry shows a development tendency of first high and then low. Since this year, the government has implemented macro control to the real black limestone crusher machine industry, especially since the third quarter of the year, influenced by slow-down high-speed railway investment, macro control on the real estate and gradually tense money market, the sales amount in the engineering mechanical industry has decreased significantly. Faced with such a reality, we need to analyze and research it objectively.

Seen from the whole crusher market, there are many factors that have an influence on the crushing equipment, for example, the prices. The price of the steel, rocks and ores, building materials and even the houses has an effect on the crusher industry, and then on the price of the crushing equipment. Seen from the current situation, the price of the crusher manufacturers in russia is mainly influenced by the steel and the market dynamics. It is reported that the stocks gradually dominate the steel market, and the market mentality is relatively realistic, and these two factors control the price of the crushers.

The tendency of the steel industry may change the price structure of the iron ore crusher price. With the significant rising of various steel materials, the transaction amounts in the market shrink, and the price tendency of the market is not clear. Seen from the price tendency of the steel, the risks in short period of time are not high, but if the purchase needs of the downstream users still cannot be effectively released, it is very possible that the price of the steel will continue to rise.

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