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Connecting Africa with the world.
Afriuka, the social platform that connects Africans! From Africans for Africans- Music, Videos, Radio, Events, News and much more!

Afriuka is a social media site focused on the continent Africa. Afriuka enables you to build up a network with your friends, family members and colleagues. This is however only one of the various possibilities Afriuka offers.

Afriuka is more than just Social Media. It is a collection of several Internet applications and information that you can share with your friends in a user-friendly and fun way.
It concerns not only information in the form of text (news, articles). Also sound (podcasts, music) and images (photography, video) are shared through Afriuka.

Afriuka has a mission. We want to bring Africans together and be a platform for the maintenance of the various African traditions and cultures. Communication between Africans can be a learning process in order to further develop and upheld our cultural heritage. The African culture has many aspects. From African dance, music, and masks, to the colourful clothing and jewellery. Afriuka offers a insight look into these different aspects of Africa.

Afriuka is the full package - your personal “all in one” connection to Afrika.

Afriuka works very simple.

1. You create a profile on Afriuka. You fill in basic information about who you are (profession, age, etc.) and put there some pictures of yourself.

2. Attach Your friends to your profile. These are people you know.

3. You make a privacy choice. You could either show everything to everyone (to the world) or you choose to make your profile visible only to friends.

4. Now you can regularly post a status update. This is a short message in which you can give some information. Your friends get to see those updates in their news overview and can respond.

5. In addition, you can chat with friends and or family, watching videos, listening to music, live video calling and much more.

Back to the Roots,

Your Afriuka Team